Making chocolate is an art, a delicious one. The Puerto Viejo area has been growing cacao for over 400 years and now you can experience how chocolate is made by hand, as it has been for centuries, and as it is now. The smells, textures and tastes of the chocolate making process will give you a truly authentic appreciation for the most loved sweet in the world. We have been growing organic cacao on our farm for over three decades and have been producing our award winning chocolate onsite. In this 3 hour experience you’ll participate in all aspects of the production, from roasting to wrapping.

What you'll do
You'll learn the entire process from tree to bar, making chocolate from scratch: roasting, grinding, tempering then molding. With tasting all along the way. Starting with the trees we'll talk about cultivation and harvesting and the role of fermentation and drying in the flavours of the chocolate. Then we'll make chocolate. You'll be grinding beans in our cast iron hand mills and winnowing the old fashioned way, then we'll be sharing the secrets of tempering before the delicate practice of molding the bars. Puerto Viejo has a long long history of cacao production and we'll share that history with you, talking about the characters and stories of the area as we teach you how to make great chocolate. You'll be joining our happy, tiny team of 4: mother and son, Ana and Arcangel, are indigenous BriBri and cacao has been a part of their culture for thousands of years. There will be lots to learn and taste, from flavour development to label design, this is a full experience! This experience is the most hands on in the area, you will get chocolate on you!


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Classes take place 10am - 1:30pm Monday, Wednesday and Friday and from 1:30 - 4:30 Sunday.

Class size is limited to 10 people.

Cost is $30 per person.

Children interested in cooking and attending with both parents are welcome!

Please contact us if you are interested in adding us to your retreat, or event and we will do our best to accommodate you and your group.

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”If you are looking for a hands on chocolate experience, this is the tour for you! Ancel shared her knowledge and the history of Cacao in the region. She intermixed a discussion of how Cacao is made into chocolate with tastings along the way. It was a great opportunity that should not be missed!”
Jan, January 2019

”My daughter and I loved Ancel's "Bean to Bar" workshop. Ancel knows her cacao and we enjoyed learning about the history , the growing cycle, the chocolate industry and all of the indigenous stories about the plant. Of course we also enjoyed the hands on creation of chocolate as well. It was a wonderful workshop that surpassed our expectations.”
Jennifer, January 2019

”This was a wonderful way to spend my time in the Puerto Viejo region. It was an immersive activity in which we did all the steps in making chocolate from bean to bar. Ancel is very warm, kind, and knowledgeable. She has a great space for people eager to learn the art of chocolate making. Definitely took my notes and plan to take this obsession forward.”
Omer, January 2019

”A wonderful experience from start to finish. Ancel is amazing and very knowledgeable and a great teacher. A fun, informative and tasty experience from start to finish, highly recommended! My wife and I are very happy we did this experience and to have met Ancel and learn so much about Cacao and Chocolate!”
Trent and Anastasia, December 2018

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"Absolutely loved this experience with Ancel! It was my husband and I's first time in Costa Rica and Ancel made us feel welcome and at home while giving us a detailed and rich, but wonderfully casual and homey chocolate making experience. We left feeling like we made a friend in Costa Rica! It was a wonderful morning, would encourage anyone to do it! Go visit Ancel, she is lovely!"
                                      Molly, Bay area, January 2019

"This was such a fun and informative class to take! Ancel is clearly passionate about cacao and you can feel / taste it in their chocolate! Learned so much and made wonderful treats to take home. Thank you Ancel!"
                                     Daniela and Ben, New York, January 2019